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SCADA & Telemetry System Design

By using remote telemetry you gain immediate access to site information, real-time alarms, control, and data logs. Data collection from multiple sites can be done from anywhere. Using radios, automated gates can communicate with downstream measurement flumes to maintain target flow rates despite changing upstream conditions.

Have a lot of sites in one area? By radio linking them to a single master site with a single cell modem you can save substantially on cellular data costs for the entire group. With live access to site data you can be more efficient by making far fewer physical site visits.

We offer both hosted (Ignition!, LoggerNet, more) and host-less (integrated web servers on PLCs, HMIs & data loggers) web sites for your data and remote control needs.  We can broker data directly to Colorado's HydroBase.  We host multiple platforms at AWS, on both Windows and Linux servers. 





  • Radio, Cellular, and Satellite Systems

  • Variety of Cellular Providers

  • Smart Device and Computer Accessible

  • Services, Data Management, and Hosting

  • Expert System Installation

  • Data Security And Privacy

  • Data Brokering to HydroBase

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