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Job Opportunities

At HydroLogik, we are a group of dedicated folks who strive to be innovative while serving our clients and building up this small company. If you are passionate about the importance of water measurement, automation & telemetry, we may have a great job opportunity for you!

Job Title:   Controls & Automation Guru


Job Description:  Creating new and maintaining existing monitoring, control, and automation systems for water resources applications.  Primarily responsible for programming and system integration.  


Job Duties and Responsibilities:  System design, development, commissioning, and documentation of small- to medium-sized measurement, control, and automation systems for water resources applications.  Systems may include PLCs, data loggers, HMIs, communications equipment, networking components, local- and Cloud-hosted software systems, and a variety of sensors and external system interfaces. Customer requirements gathering and customer training.  A mix of office and field work.  Work together with a small team of engineering, technical, field, and administrative staff to deliver and maintain turn-key systems to clients primarily in the South Platte River basin, with additional clients in some very lovely locations around the western United States.  We work upstream of the water plant and farm.  We are specialists in source water work and do not seek out potable water or wastewater work.  Some local travel, but minimal overnight travel.  We do a wide variety of projects, most are quite fun and many are in places you might otherwise choose as a vacation destination.  The company is based in Golden, Colorado, however this role can be remote for some part of the time each week. 


Qualifications:  Minimum of several years of real experience with multiple brands of PLC/HMI programming packages, as well as general experience with raw water infrastructure control, measurement, and telemetry equipment.  Electrical CAD a plus.  A-B, Siemens, VFD, and Campbell Scientific experience a plus.  Pump station control and surface water infrastructure experience a plus.  If you know what a stream gauging station is and how it works you are ahead.  If you have memorized (and understand) the entire USBR Water Measurement Manual, you get serious bonus points.  


Application Process: If this sounds like a good fit for you please follow these instructions. FIRST, write a narrative describing your water resources experience, relevant technical experience, and why you feel you are a good candidate for this job.  No resumes/CVs initially, we'd rather just hear from you in your own freshly-minted words what is it about this opportunity that excites you and why we should ask you to join our little team.  You can write 20 words or 20,000.  Please keep it under 2.5M words. 

The Negative Stuff:  If you send a resume, it means you cannot follow even very simple instructions or you are not human and we will ignore you, so take THAT resume-spammer bots!  We have no interest in hearing from recruiters or being assaulted by job search systems.  We are not interested in job-hoppers or temporary help while you wait for your industry to recover.  If you are looking for a regimented corporate environment, we are not the company for you.  This job is for keeps.

Please respond 

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