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Flow Measurement

As an integrator, HydroLogik will help you find the best, and lowest cost flow measurement method and instrument(s) for your needs. We specialize in solving difficult flow measurement challenges where traditional flumes, weirs, or meters won’t work. We can retrofit established systems, or build new ones.


Flow rate and volume data can be logged locally, allowing the flow history to be downloaded directly. Real-time telemetry of flow measurement can help maximize diversions, reduce administrative angst, and save time by reducing the number of site visits required. Live access to flow data can alert operators to problems caused by blockages, improperly set gates, and dangerous high water conditions.


  • OTT HydroMet - Sutron

  • Greyline Instruments

  • Badger-Dynasonics Meters

  • Seametrics Meters

  • SonTek

  • Rosemount Meters

  • More... (everything, we're an integrator)


  • Formal Structures (Flumes, Weirs) and Most Open Channels

  • Full Pipe and Partially Full Pipe Measurement

  • Variety of Flow Measurement Techniques

  • Smart Device and Computer Accessible

  • Radio, Cellular, and Satellite Telemetry

  • Low Maintenance

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