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The "GATER" - Automated Canal Gate Actuator

We manufacture our own line of automated, solar-powered gate actuators for rising-stem canal gates.  The GATER is intended for automation of canal gates where regular adjustments are required or it is desirable to maintain target flows or levels without frequent visits to do so.  Delivery changes can be managed using your smartphone from your pickup at the other end of the canal, the shop, or Hawaii.  When coupled with a flow or level measurement instrument, the GATER will find and hold a target flow or level setting and automatically respond to changing upstream or downstream conditions.  The GATER can change and hold lateral delivery flow rates, or keep an irrigation pond topped-up, but not overflowing, even as irrigation demands change or weeds clog up the gate (to a point).  


The lift mechanism is a weather-proof industrial linear actuator with up to 750 or 1,200 lbs. of push/pull force available, enough to get gates into and out of stop blocks.  It is a direct lift system, so no chain drives or right-angle gear boxes are used.  For safety, there are no exposed rotating parts.  Adjustable integral limit switches and a position sensor keep the actuator from overdriving the gate in either direction.  A built-in clutch and a controller that watches for jamming conditions help protect the gate from damage if it tries to shut onto an obstruction.  In the event of a dead battery the GATER can be hand cranked at about the same gate speed as the original handwheel. 


The GATER is designed for easy retrofit onto existing canal gates.  The original gate yoke is removed and replaced with the GATER.  The stem is cut and coupled to the linear actuator.  For retrofits, gates should be in good working condition or repairable.  If the GATER is no longer needed at a gate, the original gate operator can be restored by reversing the assembly process and using a stem coupler. 

Every GATER is delivered with cellular telemetry installed so it can be accessed from any connected device with a web browser at or by using the App.  Multiple GATERs can be linked by radio to a single cellular GATER.  


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