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Automation & Remote Monitoring-Control

Automated gates give control to the water user, saving time and effort by removing the need for site visits just to adjust gate settings. If integrated with a flow or level measurement device, gates can be set to control flow, control water level, and/or control the total amount of water released while automatically compensating for changes in upstream conditions. This can maximize water rights utilization as the flow adjustments can be made immediately when water is available.


We automate new and existing gates, and can work with on-site power, or build a solar power supply to power the system. HydroLogik works with you to find the most effective and least cost solution for your needs.


  • Easy to Navigate User Interface

  • Status at a glance

  • Solar- or AC-powered

  • Can Integrate with Flow

  • Measurement Devices

  • Optional Telemetry

  • Low Maintenance

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