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About HydroLogik

We are striving to follow the "Zebra" paradigm in the world of business.  Everyone involved with our company is directly involved with our company.  We do not have, nor do we want, "investors," who tend to misdirect motivations for their own ends, not those of ourselves or our clients.  If you're not familiar with the term "Zebra," here you go: 

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HydroLogik is a privately-held Colorado company.  Our clients are all water-related in some way.  We focus our efforts on providing appropriate, effective, durable, and economical solutions for our clients involved in water resources activities.  We are experts in water measurement, automation, and telemetry.  We are dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.  Our clients include federal , state, county, special district, and city governments. We have as active customers engineering firms, large utilities, small utilities, water conservation districts, mutual ditch and reservoir companies, private citizens, and one guy from a government agency that he won't identify.  

Our staff includes engineers, technicians, software developers, administrators, bean counters, and a fellow named Friday who does most of the actual work.  All of the spiders in our warehouse building are named Bob. 

We get most of our business through repeat customers, referrals, and as a technical-specialty resource for many engineering firms and contractors.  

We don't really need this web site as a marketing tool, but some kid with a business school degree said we should have one, so here it is. 

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